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The Good and the Bad that Happened to Me

Bad Things that Happened to Me Today:

  • A Facebook friend dropped me, without a word. First time that's happened to me, and it's probably for the best. But if you've read my :-p :^) post, maybe you get how it can be right but still sucks.

  • Fixing my car to pass inspection used up every last dollar I had for it, plus 79¢ that was allocated for moving and for the kids' school supplies.

  • I need to drive my car for a week before getting it re-inspected on Friday at the latest, because that's when my 60 day time limit runs out. (And Friday is only 2 days away.)

  • I don't have enough money to get my car registration renewed, and it expires in 5 days.

  • I hit a wrong button, lost part of this list, and had to retype it. That sucks.

  • I'm way behind on tweet-backs, comments to blog posts, reading other bloggers' posts, and going through the job ads.

  • The DUA sent me a packet yesterday, and now I have to log on to their website, and that's just plain depressing.

  • My coffee pot died yesterday, and so I have no coffee today.

  • I spent hours yesterday making my websites more efficient, because my virtual private server was running hot, and some of the sites were slow. I finally figured out that it was the shared MySQL server that was probably being overloaded by someone else's site. But I was unable to reduce the memory footprint of my web-apps, and I don't know how I'm going to afford a bigger VPS. And having spent all that time hacking with the websites, I'm even further behind today.

  • I have way too much stuff to do.

Good Things that Happened to Me Today:

  • An old friend hired me to help with his website, and I'm thinking it might actually be something I will enjoy. (And BTW, he said he can afford to pay me.)

  • Another friend sent me a tip regarding a software management job, and I talked to the recruiter on the phone, and I felt confident and in control during the conversation. So she's going to pitch me to her client. Meanwhile, I'm filling out the questionnaire she sent me, and maybe the hiring manager will agree to chat with me on the phone.

  • I've been getting a disproportionate number of retweets of blog posts since yesterday. This includes "7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Writing My First Book" (which was initially retweeted thanks to a kind word from Joanna Penn at, which word was "Brilliant"... awww, shucks... but then many others also retweeted it). Also, my lament at having seen part of the "texting while driving" video, thanks to @DouglasCootey and @ThatNeilGuy, who retweeted it.

  • The punch line to the "texting while driving" video, which will go up in a few hours. (That is, the funny punch line, not the serious one.) I'll have to try it out whenever I feel upset or anger coming on; maybe it'll help me feel better.

  • My Beautiful One had a blast at camp, hiking down Mount Washington today. I wonder if she'll come home with a T-shirt that says, "I climbed Mount Washington."

  • I'm leading songs this week at church, and I love performing music.

Gotta go pick out those songs now. See ya later.



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